Toys Are For Adults Too

Considering I had to by extra storage furniture to accommodate my growing collection, I think it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of sex toys. A year ago I only had one toy…now I have in excess of 30 in varying shapes, sizes and uses. I’m obviously a big advocate for the use of sex toys!

Every person has different stimulation needs and levels of arousal when it comes to sex, and vulva owners in particular (me included), can struggle to climax through penetration alone. I fair much better from oral stimulation…or the strategic use of toys. This doesn’t mean I’m enjoying my sexual experience any less (quite the opposite!) or that my partner isn’t satisfying me. Far from it…there’s nothing sexier to me than someone confident enough in their own skin not to be threatened by toys in the bedroom (or any other room for that matter).

Toys are great fun for all involved…whether it’s during solo play or with a partner. Penis owners can absolutely enjoy them too (I’ve witnessed the evidence)! Here are some tips on introducing toys into your sex life:

• Start by using toys on yourself to get comfortable with idea of them

• Talk about using toys with sexual partners before things heat up…it’s much harder (so to speak) to broach the topic once your clothes are off!

• Suggest mutual masturbation…use toys to play with yourselves in front of each other…it’s hot and a great way to learn how someone likes to be stimulated

• Once you’re both comfortable, offer to take control of the toy for your partner and ask how they like it to be used on them

• Be patient…like anything it can take time to figure out what works and what doesn’t with toys…have fun with it!

One of the keys to great, uninhibited sex is checking your ego at the door. Toys can be a fantastic part of sexual play and using them doesn’t make you less of a lover…if anything it can open new ways to give you and your partner pleasure. Now go forth and start playing with toys like good little sexual adults.

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