It’s Just Blood…Period.

Have you ever engaged in sexual play with someone on their period? It’s something I only started delving into last year and I wish I’d been bold enough to try it sooner!

Thanks to society and my early sex education, I always felt ashamed and dirty when on my period. I avoided dating and sex at that time of the month or focused on their pleasure…deflecting the attention away from me.

I’ve become more comfortable with my body recently and met some lovely people who have helped me explore this new territory without judgement (and with enthusiasm!). And you know what? Turns out that I’m much hornier and sensitive when on my period…I have the most intense orgasms and more frequently too.

Some of the pros I’ve discovered from period play:

  • Vulva owners can be more sensitive and aroused than usual
  • Creates a different lubrication sensation during PIV sex 
  • Orgasms can help reduce cramping pain
  • It can shorten the length of the period

If both you and your partner are willing to explore period play it can help to:

  • Talk about it beforehand and make sure you are both comfortable
  • Be prepared for any possible mess with towels and tissues
  • Think about taking play to the bath or shower
  • Explore over the clothing play or doing things like using sex toys 

Let’s normalise talking about periods and reduce the feeling of shame someone might have about themselves for experiencing something completely normal and natural.

Why not show an interest and ask how you can be involved in helping someone through their period? Everyone deserves pleasure, even when on their period…and who knows…it might just be the hottest sexual experience of your life.

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