Lingerie Lovers

It’s no secret I adore lingerie…to the point where I maaaaay be in fetish territory. I don’t wear it to look sexy for a partner, I wear it for my own pleasure. Putting on lingerie is part of foreplay for me…it helps get me in the mood for what’s to come…whether it be fun with a date or an epic solo session.

I find everything about it sexy and nothing makes me happier than leaving a full set of lingerie on for the duration of a session. I’ve also discovered that this kink extends into other areas too…one being cross dressing. I love seeing a man in lingerie and I’m not ashamed to say it.

While we have come a long way, I don’t think we’ve come far enough in normalising cross dressing in society. Because we don’t talk about it, it’s too often associated with sexual ambiguity, which scares people. Whoever you are, choosing to wear lingerie doesn’t change how you sexually identify or who you are attracted to. Trust me, I know plenty of straight men who enjoy the feeling of wearing lace panties and it doesn’t make them any less heterosexual.

Whether you’re single or seeing someone, if you want to try wearing lingerie for play, you should be free to explore without judgement. Some tips for getting started:

Buying: There are plenty of online stores that discreetly deliver if you aren’t comfortable going into a store

Solo play: Try panties or stockings on your own first and see if you enjoy it

Try different things: As with all clothing, it’s personal taste. I prefer bodysuits to two piece sets. You might find you like satin more than lace…explore and find what works for you

Have fun: Like any kink, this isn’t for everyone. If you try it and you aren’t into it, that’s fine. But if it enhances your sexual experience and adds to the fun, then great!

Share: It’s a big step, but if you do enjoy it, tell your friends and partners. This is how we can educate everyone and normalise cross dressing

If you’ve ever pondered trying lingerie, I wholeheartedly encourage you to dive it. It makes me feel so confident and sexy and kicks my pleasure up a notch during playtime. Just don’t blame me if you get addicted and can’t stop buying pretty new pieces…

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