Butt Play Doesn’t Make You Gay

Regardless of your gender or how you identify sexually, butt play is something everyone can enjoy. Particularly for heterosexual penis owners…enjoying butt play does not make you gay! As I always say…it’s where your G-spot (or P-spot) is…it’s biology. If you are willing to explore butt play, you could unlock a world of new pleasure for yourself.

The P-spot is effectively your prostate…a walnut sized gland about 1-2 inches inside your butt on the penis side. When stimulated, it enlarges and creates a pleasurable feeling internally. You can even achieve prostate orgasms…without your penis being erect! Penis owners report having more intense, longer, whole-body type orgasms from the experience…more like a vulva owner’s climax.

If you’re curious about butt play and want to ease in, here are some tips to start:

  • Perineum massage: Apply pressure to the area between your butthole and balls…aka gooch/taint. This is the external wall of your prostate and can enhance pleasure
  • Finger play: Tease your butthole externally first…there are so many nerve endings there to make you tingle before you dive in
  • Rimming: If you and your sexual partner are both comfortable with it, they can lick and tease these areas for you too

Then when you are ready to embrace internal play:

  • Go solo: Test the waters on your own first before exploring with a partner to figure out what works for you
  • Relax: Try having a shower/bath and engage in foreplay first so you aren’t tense
  • Lube: I can’t overstate this one…you need plenty of lube, don’t skimp!
  • Mess: Use gloves for play and put down a towel for easy clean up

Butt play may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we shouldn’t let shame or fear be reasons for penis owners not to explore this area of sexual pleasure. Hopefully you feel brave enough to expand your horizons and give butt play a try.

One last thing…please be safe with butt play…don’t stick anything up there that isn’t a properly designed butt toy or attached to a person. Your butt will literally hoover objects up and nobody want to become a cautionary tale the nurses tell their friends about…

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