Cougar Hunting in The Wild

With life returning to normal, people are shifting their dating from the apps back to real life. If you’ve been cougar hunting online, now might be the time to try hunting them in the wild. You’ll need to be on the lookout and mix up your regular routine though…it’s unlikely you’ll meet the cougar of your dreams at your local ‘Spoons…

Some possible cougar hunting locations:

  • Clothing, book and lingerie stores: You might find unattached cougars browsing solo in the aisles
  • Park or gym: Catch yourself an active cougar after her workout
  • Public transport: What’s better than a commute time flirt with a cougar to brighten your workday?
  • Pubs and bars: Try locations like cocktail bars and rooftop terraces…watering holes cougars are more likely to frequent

If you spot a cougar in the wild, there are a few things to bear in mind before you approach:

  • Timing: If her child is mid meltdown, it’s probably not the time to strike
  • Be respectful: If she’s clearly with a partner or date, leave her be
  • Pick your moment: Wait until she heads to the bar on her own rather than trying to talk to her in front of her friends
  • Off limits: This isn’t porn…your friends’ mums and your mum’s friends are not a good idea. Same goes for your boss too

If the time is right, here are some tips on how to start:

  • Flirt: Catch her eye and smile or wink first…if you grab her attention you’re good to go
  • Be honest: Introduce yourself and simply say you’d like to get to know her better…would she like to go on a date sometime?
  • Give her control: You’re a complete stranger…asking for her number might make her uncomfortable. Give her your number and let her contact you
  • Keep it short: Make a punchy first impression rather than trying to get her life story in the checkout queue

Cougar hunting in the wild is not for the faint hearted…you might be approaching a happily attached woman not looking to date. Be prepared for rejection, but don’t lose heart and don’t give up! The more you practice, the easier it will be…you’ll find the approach that works best for you. If nothing else, you’ll definitely make a cougar’s day by letting her know she caught the eye of a young cub!

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