Glass Half Full

I’m a glass half full kind of woman…especially when it comes to sex toys. The more the merrier if you ask me. You name it…vibrators, plugs, dildos…I’ve probably tried it…and enjoyed it…and have it in my top drawer.

There’s one particular type of toy I’ve come (pun intended) to love recently…the glass variety. While they are fairly analogue in the current high tech world of suction toys and tongue simulators, glass toys are still my first go-to.

So what makes glass toys so special?

• They are clear so you can see into some of the action, yum!

• You can heat or cool them for temperature play and extra sensation (within reason…you don’t want frostbite or burns on your bits)

• They are firm and offer a stronger alternative to softer silicon toys

• The smooth surfaces make for easy penetration and super slippery fun

• Are beautiful shelf ornaments/conversation starters during house parties and zoom calls

Glass toys also have some practical benefits over other materials as they are:

• Non-porous, so can be used safely with all types of lubricants

• Hygienic and easy to clean

• Durable…since they are made from strengthened glass, even a klutz like me can drop them without breakage

There are a bunch of glass toys out there for everyone…including butt plugs, dildos, G-spot and P-spot ticklers. Self & More have just restocked and added more to their extensive glass toy range with options for penis wielders, vulva owners and couples fun too. Use the code madammayhem for 10% off…

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