The Cougar/Cub Dynamic

While it’s often seen by society as taboo, the cougar/cub sexual dynamic can be a really healthy one. I’ve always preferred younger men…with 40 just around the corner and my prime cougar years ahead of me, I’m a huge advocate for this kind of relationship (in case it wasn’t incredibly obvious already).

I’m frequently asked what attracts me to younger men…there are the obvious factors…young guys are fun, have stamina and it feels ohhhhhh so naughty. But there’s so much more to the cougar/cub dynamic and it can be a really fulfilling experience for all involved.

Some of the benefits I’ve found:

• Honesty: this dynamic tends to be more open than others where people are the same age. The age difference seems to cut through the game playing…both parties know what they want and aren’t afraid to say it

• Sexual exploration: cougars and cubs are both in their sexual prime and can try things they possibly can’t with people of the same age. There’s more scope for exploring things like role play, age play and other kinky territory

• Breaking the stereotypes: it also gives a safe space for the usual dom/sub dynamic to be challenged. A lot of young guys feel the pressure to be dominant in bed with women their own age…with cougars they can feel more free to explore their submissive side. The reverse applies to cougars, who can feel able to unleash their inner domme

• Learning: cougars can provide a safe space for cubs to learn more about pleasure and sex…their years of experience can be invaluable. On the flip side, cubs can help bring fresh ideas to a cougar’s sex life. Both can learn from each other while having a lot of fun!

• Confidence: indulging in the cougar/cub experience can be a huge boost to the confidence of both people involved. One being desired by the other is exceptionally hot and can add even more passion to the dynamic

I know it’s hard for cubs out there…cougars are few and far between and in high demand. I want all young guys to experience this dynamic so I created some new tools to increase your chances of successfully hunting down a cougar. Go check them out!

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