Unsolicited Dick Pics

In the last week alone I’ve received unsolicited dick pics from three different men. What does unsolicited mean? It means I didn’t ask for the photos, I didn’t consent to receiving them and I definitely didn’t want them. With online dating app and social media popularity, ‘cyber-flashing’ has become a big problem. Anyone can be the victim or perpetrator of shared unsolicited sexual content, but it seems cishet men are the worst offenders with the ubiquitous dick pic.

There’s never a legitimate reason to send sexual images to someone without their consent. However, perpetrators will sometimes try and shift the guilt onto the recipient by saying things like:

  • You’re just so hot, I couldn’t help it
  • I thought you were body/sex positive
  • You’re shaming me for being an exhibitionist

This is victim blaming and it’s not ok. We are all accountable for our own actions and regardless of whether the recipient is body positive, open with their sexuality or has an OnlyFans, they didn’t force you to send the photo. The person who sends the dick pic without consent is the only one at fault. 

Aside from it being a consent violation, here are some other reasons not to send an unsolicited dick pic:

  • Most women hate it: I’ve never met a woman who loved getting an unsolicited dick pic. It’s vile and we all talk about how weird and disgusting it is
  • Your social media/dating account can be deleted: You can be reported for sending dick pics and kicked off the apps
  • It’s illegal in some places: In Scotland you can spend up to two years in prison and be placed on the sexual offenders register for the offence
  • You could be extorted: There are criminal catfish online waiting for your dick pics. They will threaten to send them to family and friends unless you pay them money

Until cyber-flashing is made illegal globally, there’s a really simple fix to all of this. Just don’t send any dick pics unless you’ve asked first and have enthusiastic consent from the other person. The golden rule is, if you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it online…would you flash your genitals at a stranger on the street if they never asked for it?

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