Cougar/Cub Relationships

Speaking to cubs over the years, very few have been open to the possibility of a serious relationship with an older woman. They usually see cougars as a fantasy, a tick off their sexual bucket list…a one night stand or a brief fling at most. But there’s no reason cougars and cubs can’t have more serious, meaningful relationships.

What usually holds people back from a cougar/cub relationship is fear of judgement from family, friends and society for going against the ‘norm’. There might also be fear of entering into a dynamic they’ve not tried before. But all relationships have risks and avoiding a cougar/cub one could leave you missing out on something great.

Beyond the physical fun of the cougar/cub dynamic, a relationship has other benefits for a cub:

  • Maturity: A cougar knows who she is and what she wants in life
  • Honesty: No games or guesswork, you know where you stand because her intentions are clear
  • Independence: Cougars are self sufficient and have fully fledged lives of their own

You don’t have to be of a similar age to be in a relationship, but you do have to be in the same stage in life. A 32 year old man wanting kids isn’t compatible with a 50 year old woman. The key things to making a cub/cougar relationship work is:

  • Investment: A relationship is only possible if both people are emotional committed despite possible judgement from others
  • Communication: About what you want from the relationship short and longer term
  • Values: Are your career, relationship and family aspirations aligned and on the same timeline?

Successful longer term cougar/cub relationships are possible…they are just rarely discussed in a positive light. Did you know that Hugh Jackman is 13 years younger than his wife of 25 years, Deborra-Lee Furness? The French president Emmanuel Macron married Brigitte Macron 14 years go and she is 24 years his senior!

Cougars and cubs shouldn’t have to miss out on the deeper emotional connection that can come with a more serious relationship, just because of age. If you have a strong connection with someone, why not be more open to the possibility of a more serious relationship? Check out my tips on finding a cougar online or in the wild.

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