Dating Hygiene

If you speak to any woman who dates cis men, she’ll tell you at least one horror story of a date who’s personal hygiene was awful. Women preen for hours preparing for a date, but more often than not, the effort is far from reciprocated by men.

Personal hygiene is so important. First impressions last, so no matter how great you are as a person, if a date is distracted by your bad breath or dirty trainers, it’s game over. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who turns up to a date having made an effort with hygiene. Here are some easy ways to ensure your dating hygiene is on point:

Sight…the very first thing someone will notice on a date is your appearance:

  • Clothing: Make sure your outfit is comfortable, but appropriate for the date activity…tracksuit bottoms and trainers have no place at a dinner date. Don’t wear holey clothes (in particular underwear!) and pay attention to details like clean shoes and matching socks
  • Hair: Regardless of whether you are clean shaven or have a full beard…do a tidy pre-date. Same goes for the hair on your head…looking like you just rolled out of bed doesn’t scream effort to your date
  • Hands: Trim and clean nails. Dirty hands and nails are a huge turn off…those hands aren’t going near her unless they are clean!

Smell…arguably the most important thing, even beyond your appearance:

  • Shower: As close as possible to the date. If you’re coming from work, freshen up before you leave. Alternatively, if you are going straight to her place, ask if you can shower when you arrive…she will be more than happy to accommodate. Pay particular attention to your genitals…no smegma please! If you know butt play might be on the menu, take the time to prep this area too as an additional courtesy
  • Deodorant/cologne: Always wear deodorant, even in winter…it may be cold, but you might be getting sweaty later! Cologne is optional and welcome, but don’t overdo it…too much and she won’t be able to get near you without choking
  • Breath: Brush, floss and use mouthwash pre-date. These are absolutely non-negotiable…bad breath is a deal breaker for most people
  • Clothes: No matter how clean you are, if you throw on stinky trainers and week-worn stained jeans, it will defeat the purpose. Clean clothes only!

Taste…if the date goes well and things heat up:

  • Mouth: Have mints/gum on hand to stay fresh and kissable throughout your date (don’t forget to offer some to her too so you are both ready to go)
  • Cologne: Avoid spraying it on your skin, stick to your clothing only so if she kisses your neck and chest, she doesn’t get a mouthful of chemicals

Touch…last but not least:

  • Hair: Go easy on product so she can get her hands in your hair easily. There’s nothing worse than touching concrete, gel set hair in the throes of passion!
  • Skin: Moisturise, especially if you work outdoors in the elements and get dry skin. Pay particular attention to your face and hands

Bear in mind this list doesn’t just apply to first dates…it’s all dates. The standard of hygiene shouldn’t drop the longer you date someone. Good personal hygiene shows basic respect for yourself and your date…which is never optional. Men are a far more inviting prospect if they take pride in their hygiene…I promise, it won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

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