Controversial Dating App Ideas

After two years on the dating apps and encountering the same problems with matches (remember my swipe experiment?!), I have some controversial ideas to make online dating a much better experience for everyone. My controversial dating apps ideas are:

Therapy should be a mandatory prerequisite for signing up. 

‪You must provide evidence that you are in fact single, or in a consensual non-monogamous relationship.‬ No cheaters allowed!

There is a set cooling off period after your last relationship to allow you to get over someone before being permitted to sign up.

Access to the apps requires you attend and pass an educational course on consent.

Show examples of understanding the basics of conversation, flirting and how to read body language.

A minimum word count requirement for the bio section of a profile

Users are immediately removed if any of the following are detected in their profile: 

  • Good vibes only/don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Just ask
  • Don’t know what to put here
  • Let’s just grab a drink
  • No psychos/drama
  • Looking for a partner in crime/+1 for a wedding

Inactive profiles are automatically deleted after a month without use. Same goes for people who don’t reply to messages within a set period of time.

Ghosting or sending unsolicited dick pics are offences that will result in a lifetime ban. 

What would you add?

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