Using Condoms

If you’re engaging in hook ups or regular casual sex, condoms are necessary in helping prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs. Despite the fact that no sex is 100% risk free, condoms are in fact the only form of contraception that protects against STIs. But according to SH:24, condoms are typically only 82% effective because people don’t use them correctly.

When used properly, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. So how do you ensure you’re using them in the right way? Firstly, read the instructions they come with. It sounds stupid, but seriously…the companies who make them are best equipped to give advice on how to use them!

There are some other things to be mindful of when using condoms that you may not have been taught during sex ed. The first and most important being that condoms need to be put on before ANY genital contact or penetration occurs. Precum may contain semen so don’t wait to put on a condom as climax is approaching.

The main thing is to minimise the chance of a condom breaking by:

  • Using lube
  • Getting a fresh condom after 30 minutes of use
  • Being careful with fingernails and toys

Much like putting a condom on before the action starts, you also need to remove it as soon as possible when you finish. Withdrawing the penis after ejaculation while it’s still hard is ideal. Once the penis goes soft, there’s a risk of the condom slipping off and there being spillage. 

Other things to remember when it comes to condom use are:

  • They have expiry dates
  • Don’t ever ‘double bag’ (this increases the chance of breakage)
  • Dispose of in a bin, never a toilet (trust me, you don’t want to have that awkward conversation with the plumber when they come to unclog your toilet)

There are so many great condom brands out there now (my personal favourites are Skyn and Hanx), take the time to try a few options and decide what brand and type of condom works best for you. Like anything to do with sex, pleasure and our bodies, it comes down to personal preference for you and your partners.

Taking care of your own sexual health and respecting that of your partner’s is everyone’s responsibility. Regardless of your gender, if you have a penis or have sex with penis owners, always have your own supply of condoms. Never assume the other person will have one…show you are proactive about safe sex, it’s hot!

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