With Locktober just around the corner, it’s a good time to talk about chastity. While anyone can try chastity, it’s generally submissive penis owners who participate. The duration of chastity is completely up to the device wearer (and their Dom/me/mx)…a cage can be worn for a session, a day or even 24/7, depending on the dynamic.

Chasity can be a standalone kink or form part of a wider kink such as:

It might seem like a counterintuitive way to bring pleasure, but chastity is much loved by penis owners and their partners alike. By caging someone and removing their penis from play, new territory can be explored. It can serve to enhance the dynamic of ownership and servitude and put the focus on other areas of play that are often neglected.

How to get started with chastity:

With any form of chastity, hygiene and safety need to be priority. Even the most well practised 24/7 chastity subs have to unlock and reset sometimes. You need to ease in slowly with timed sessions and breaks to build tolerance. A well fitting cage is a must to minimise chaffing and injury and you need to read up on cleaning and care.

You don’t require a key holder/partner for your chastity journey. With discipline, it can be self managed or for those with less willpower, there are online Dom/me/mx key holding services (I am offering this service through my OnlyFans). People who guide and discipline you from a distance as you undertake locked time. If you are exploring chastity with a partner there are other things to consider.

Partner chastity negotiations should include:

  • Terms/aims agreed to suit all parties
  • Regular check ins/renegotiations
  • Safety/emergency protocol 

However you go about it, chastity can be a really powerful way to enhance a D/s dynamic or explore your own discipline and pleasure journey. As always, research, communication, preparation and safety are key (so to speak). Will you be exploring chastity this Locktober?

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