Mayhem Myths

I’ve had Madam Mayhem for two years now and the assumptions people make about me because of her is wild. I receive daily messages (mostly from cis men) with absurd misconceptions…so I want to bust the Mayhem myths.

  • You’re just selling content: Women can, in fact, date and do other things. With over 40k likes across the apps, I can’t date everyone. I created MM to help cubs find their own cougar and give everyone access to (highly sought after) cougar content.
  • You didn’t match/reply to me, you aren’t actually dating: I am dating, I clearly just don’t want to date you. I’m very selective with who I give my energy to, so a blank profile sliding into my DMs with ‘Hey’ won’t win me over. You aren’t entitled to my time merely because you want my attention.
  • You look like you’re up for some fun: Just because I’m sex positive, that doesn’t mean I want to shag everyone, immediately. The way I present myself doesn’t give anyone the right to be disrespectful or sexual with me straight away.
  • So you date younger guys?: I mostly date younger, yes. But I’m pansexual so I’m attracted to everyone, regardless of their gender identity. I’m also open to dating people my age and older, I just rarely find our lives and values align. 
  • Mummy? Mistress?: Firstly, I’m a switch, not purely a Domme. Secondly, D/s dynamics take time to build and I will never jump straight into that role immediately. Addressing someone with honourifics when they aren’t your dominant is disrespectful.
  • Let’s make content together: These offers are always from complete strangers who somehow think it’s flattering? If I want to make content with people, I will seek them out myself. You clearly just want sex…don’t try to disguise it as selflessly volunteering your services.
  • You can’t be single!: Because you think desirable women are objects that can’t be left on a shelf? I have high standards…I choose to be single. I’m also non-monogamous, so even if I’m not single, I’ll still be dating.
  • You’re my fantasy!: No I’m not…Madam Mayhem is. The person behind the Mayhem is imperfect. I run into door handles, I have sad days, I’m not sexy 24/7. I am a normal woman and I just want people to stop making assumptions and treat me with respect.

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