Office Romance

Fun fact…I’ve hooked up with at least one person in every office I’ve worked in (including my current one, shh). There’s something alluring about an office fling, but here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge…


Where you work and how long you’ve been there are factors to consider. A startup may not care about fraternisation, but a top law firm will likely have strict policies. Even in more liberal offices, shagging someone in your first week is probably not a wise move…at least get past probation! Also, you may be up for it but the other person may not want to take the risk…so be prepared for rejection.


Don’t sleep with a manager or a direct report. Best case, teammates may perceive favouritism…worst case, there could be harassment claims. It’s not worth the possible damage to your career…stick to people outside your direct team.


If you do start something, communicate what you want…is it casual or are you the next Pam and Jim? Even if you want the same thing, you’ll have to navigate work if it does go wrong. In that case, set some clear boundaries…try to minimise discomfort in the office afterwards. You can’t just ghost someone you are forced to see every day.


It’s fun to have an office flirt and makes the day go by faster…but remember you are a professional being paid to do a job. Constantly hanging out by your crush’s desk is a quick way to get yourself fired…so indulge it in moderation.


Much like indulging in public fun, playing in the office is a very exciting thought. But bear in mind there’s CCTV everywhere these days and apps that track your time on site…be very cautious. Even if your workplace is ok with employee relationships, they still won’t approve of sex on the boardroom table after hours. 

Reality Check

Much like long distance, dating someone in the office doesn’t make for a natural dating dynamic. It’s all fun and games until you realise you have to see someone eight hours a day as well as outside of work. It can be intense…are you ready to hear them moan about your colleagues on dates? Bear in mind the reality of the scenario, not just the fantasy.

Take it from an office romance ninja…when done right, it’s fantastic fun. I’ve never been caught and the thrill of having a secret fuck buddy at work definitely makes the office less boring. Be clever about it if you think it’s worth the risk and relish in the naughtiness!

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