Office Romance

Fun fact…I’ve hooked up with at least one person in every office I’ve worked in (including my current one, shh). There’s something alluring about an office fling, but here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge… Risks Where you work and how long you’ve been there are factors to consider. A startupContinue reading “Office Romance”

Dominant Myths

Thanks to the likes of 50 Shades of Grey, there are so many misconceptions out there about kink. Unless you’ve spent time in the community and researched thoroughly, mainstream media would have you believe a ton of myths about D/s dynamics. Some Dominant myths are… Dominants must be obeyed With any D/s interaction, consent andContinue reading “Dominant Myths”

Long Distance

I’ve done long distance relationships many times…and sworn after every one that I’d never do it again. Sometimes it works, other times not…it’s down to the people involved and the effort put in. They require more work than a regular relationship so make sure you’re willing to give it the energy required before diving in.Continue reading “Long Distance”

Left on Read

When you’ve matched with someone on the apps and started talking, it can be tricky to establish consistent, enjoyable conversation. Early on, you are navigating different communication styles amidst the excitement and potential of something new. It can be anxiety inducing for all involved…especially when you are left on read. Engaged and intentional chat isContinue reading “Left on Read”


Whether you have a vulva or not, you need to know about perimenopause. It’s the time leading up to menopause (which marks one year since the end of their last period). I didn’t even know what perimenopause was until a few months ago…when my doctor told me I’m likely going through it. We need toContinue reading “Perimenopause”

Time To Date

We’ve all encountered time wasters on the dating apps…people who string you along, chat sporadically and then three weeks later you realise they ghost you…they had no intention of meeting you. It wears you down if you are someone genuinely wanting to meet people and date.  Time wasters are on the apps for lots ofContinue reading “Time To Date”


Much like general comments on my appearance, I’ve always struggled to accept a compliment about my body or looks. Recently I’ve developed a really strong aversion to it…especially from people on the dating apps. I think there are a few reasons why I don’t enjoy compliments about how I look… I understand that particularly withContinue reading “Compliments”

Sexual Health Awards Finalist

Madam Mayhem is a finalist in the 2022 Sexual Health Awards, hosted by SH:24 and Brook. She is nominated in the category of: ‘Micro-Influencer of the Year’ Madam Mayhem is a 41-year-old woman on her sexual liberation journey. By sharing her experiences around dating, sex and kink, she’s disrupting the narrative that life ends forContinue reading “Sexual Health Awards Finalist”