Controversial Dating App Ideas

After two years on the dating apps and encountering the same problems with matches (remember my swipe experiment?!), I have some controversial ideas to make online dating a much better experience for everyone. My controversial dating apps ideas are: • Therapy should be a mandatory prerequisite for signing up.  • ‪You must provide evidence thatContinue reading “Controversial Dating App Ideas”

Dating Hygiene

If you speak to any woman who dates cis men, she’ll tell you at least one horror story of a date who’s personal hygiene was awful. Women preen for hours preparing for a date, but more often than not, the effort is far from reciprocated by men. Personal hygiene is so important. First impressions last,Continue reading “Dating Hygiene”

Cougar/Cub Relationships

Speaking to cubs over the years, very few have been open to the possibility of a serious relationship with an older woman. They usually see cougars as a fantasy, a tick off their sexual bucket list…a one night stand or a brief fling at most. But there’s no reason cougars and cubs can’t have moreContinue reading “Cougar/Cub Relationships”

Rough Sex

Firstly, let’s get a few things straight. Sex doesn’t have to be kinky to be amazing. It doesn’t have to be rough to be kinky. Lastly, not everyone enjoys rough sex. We are all individuals, never assume anyone’s desires without first having the conversation…it’s that simple. There seems to be a misconception that we mustContinue reading “Rough Sex”

Porn Isn’t Sex Education

If you’re reading this it’s likely you lacked a comprehensive sex education growing up. I got the standard ‘don’t have sex until you’re married/this is how a baby is made’ talk with absolutely no focus on pleasure, communication or learning how to enjoy sex. Without a proper roadmap to navigate your own sexuality, sex edContinue reading “Porn Isn’t Sex Education”

Safer Sex

Did you know that ‘safe’ sex doesn’t exist? All sex comes with a risk of pregnancy or contracting an STI. Trust me, I’m militant about safety and I still got an STI last year. Unless you are in a committed monogamous relationship, you have both tested negative for STIs and birth control is being usedContinue reading “Safer Sex”

Getting Over Someone

I’ve matched with far too many young men on dating apps who have gone through a breakup and thought ‘the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else’. Getting straight back into dating after a breakup is usually a bad idea because: You don’t process your emotions from the breakup, whichContinue reading “Getting Over Someone”

Cougar Myths

I’ve been dating cubs long enough now to hear some wild misconceptions about cougars. I frequently get asked the same questions, so I thought I’d bust some cougar myths… ‘I thought finding a cougar would be easy’ We are a rare…the numbers are stacked against cubs looking for a cougar. Dating women in their twentiesContinue reading “Cougar Myths”