It’s easy to fall into the same routine with solo and partner play…you have a formula and it gets the job done, right? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! But sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your regular patterns and mix things up…and edging is a great way to do that. Edging is theContinue reading “Edging”

Getting Kinky

Getting into kink is a personal journey that can unlock a new level of sexual pleasure for you and your partner/s. Everyone is unique and our kinks are just as individual as our taste in food or music. There’s no rulebook…you don’t have to have a foot fetish or enjoy being degraded to be kinky.Continue reading “Getting Kinky”

Dating Hygiene

If you speak to any woman who dates cis men, she’ll tell you at least one horror story of a date who’s personal hygiene was awful. Women preen for hours preparing for a date, but more often than not, the effort is far from reciprocated by men. Personal hygiene is so important. First impressions last,Continue reading “Dating Hygiene”

The Hard Truth

Despite the slowly shifting conversation around sexual pleasure, there’s still a strong focus on penetrative sex. I’m sure you’ve seen it in mainstream porn…a rock hard penis pounding away non-stop for what seems like hours. This has fed into the unhealthy expectation that penis owners will perform on demand and for as long as required.Continue reading “The Hard Truth”


So you’ve mastered entry level butt play (starting here) and now you’re ready to step it up with pegging. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of things, it can be tricky territory to navigate with a partner. Before I dive in (so to speak), for those who aren’t familiar…pegging is when one partnerContinue reading “Pegging”

Butt Play Doesn’t Make You Gay

Regardless of your gender or how you identify sexually, butt play is something everyone can enjoy. Particularly for heterosexual penis owners…enjoying butt play does not make you gay! As I always say…it’s where your G-spot (or P-spot) is…it’s biology. If you are willing to explore butt play, you could unlock a world of new pleasureContinue reading “Butt Play Doesn’t Make You Gay”