Sexual Health Awards Finalist

Madam Mayhem is a finalist in the 2022 Sexual Health Awards, hosted by SH:24 and Brook. She is nominated in the category of: ‘Micro-Influencer of the Year’ Madam Mayhem is a 41-year-old woman on her sexual liberation journey. By sharing her experiences around dating, sex and kink, she’s disrupting the narrative that life ends forContinue reading “Sexual Health Awards Finalist”

Having Children

They say you can never truly be prepared for kids, but ignorance is definitely not bliss in this scenario. So many people become parents without really knowing what they were getting into. It’s the most serious commitment you can make in life and one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. There’s also the big question…doContinue reading “Having Children”

Here For a Good Time

People on dating apps are looking for all sorts on the spectrum of human engagement…everything from a hookup to a serious relationship. But I’ve noticed it’s very common to see cisgender, heterosexual men being clear they only want something casual…their profiles often void of any information aside from ‘nothing serious’ or ‘here for a goodContinue reading “Here For a Good Time”

Cougar/Cub Relationships

Speaking to cubs over the years, very few have been open to the possibility of a serious relationship with an older woman. They usually see cougars as a fantasy, a tick off their sexual bucket list…a one night stand or a brief fling at most. But there’s no reason cougars and cubs can’t have moreContinue reading “Cougar/Cub Relationships”

Being Bisexual

Attraction isn’t black and white and there’s a lot of delicious grey area between being straight or gay. We are slowly making a shift towards a more inclusive mindset, however it’s still common for people to want to define someone’s sexual preferences with a clear cut label. One of the most misunderstood of these isContinue reading “Being Bisexual”