Long Distance

I’ve done long distance relationships many times…and sworn after every one that I’d never do it again. Sometimes it works, other times not…it’s down to the people involved and the effort put in. They require more work than a regular relationship so make sure you’re willing to give it the energy required before diving in.Continue reading “Long Distance”


The original meaning of the term ‘simping’ is to crush on someone at a distance. An infatuation from afar which has you doing things wildly out of character for the object of your affection. It’s usually applied in the context of men’s behaviour towards women. The term however has now devolved and is mostly usedContinue reading “Simping”

Delayed Gratification

In a world where social media reigns supreme and everyone is hooked on the promise of their next dopamine hit, the thrill of delayed gratification has been forgotten. Remember when you were young and you longed for that first kiss? Riding the high of uncertainty, wondering if they liked you too? Will they reach forContinue reading “Delayed Gratification”

Getting Over Someone

I’ve matched with far too many young men on dating apps who have gone through a breakup and thought ‘the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else’. Getting straight back into dating after a breakup is usually a bad idea because: You don’t process your emotions from the breakup, whichContinue reading “Getting Over Someone”