Office Romance

Fun fact…I’ve hooked up with at least one person in every office I’ve worked in (including my current one, shh). There’s something alluring about an office fling, but here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge… Risks Where you work and how long you’ve been there are factors to consider. A startupContinue reading “Office Romance”


Whether you have a vulva or not, you need to know about perimenopause. It’s the time leading up to menopause (which marks one year since the end of their last period). I didn’t even know what perimenopause was until a few months ago…when my doctor told me I’m likely going through it. We need toContinue reading “Perimenopause”

Time To Date

We’ve all encountered time wasters on the dating apps…people who string you along, chat sporadically and then three weeks later you realise they ghost you…they had no intention of meeting you. It wears you down if you are someone genuinely wanting to meet people and date.  Time wasters are on the apps for lots ofContinue reading “Time To Date”

Sexual Health Awards Finalist

Madam Mayhem is a finalist in the 2022 Sexual Health Awards, hosted by SH:24 and Brook. She is nominated in the category of: ‘Micro-Influencer of the Year’ Madam Mayhem is a 41-year-old woman on her sexual liberation journey. By sharing her experiences around dating, sex and kink, she’s disrupting the narrative that life ends forContinue reading “Sexual Health Awards Finalist”

Not All Men

Trigger Warning: harassment, abuse, assault, rape. Saying ‘not all men’ doesn’t help. We know it’s not all (cis) men, but all men benefit from the ‘bad’ ones because it lowers the bar on behaviour. Oh, you don’t harass or rape people? Not violating another human doesn’t make you a ‘nice guy’, it just makes youContinue reading “Not All Men”


Let’s get one thing clear…virginity is a social construct. You aren’t suddenly a different person once you’ve had sex for the first time and what constitutes ‘sex’ looks different for everyone, so how can it be measured? The idea of virginity is completely fictional and shouldn’t play any part in dictating someone’s sexual identity orContinue reading “Virginity”

Sugar Mommas

I’ve been asked to be a sugar momma at least once a week since I started dating again two years ago. Usually this request comes without so much as a ‘hello’…it’s just some guy in his twenties sliding into my DMs thinking I’ll be happy to pay for his (no doubt charming) company. The ideaContinue reading “Sugar Mommas”

Using Condoms

If you’re engaging in hook ups or regular casual sex, condoms are necessary in helping prevent pregnancy and the spread of STIs. Despite the fact that no sex is 100% risk free, condoms are in fact the only form of contraception that protects against STIs. But according to SH:24, condoms are typically only 82% effectiveContinue reading “Using Condoms”

Fake Dominants

There’s no shame in being a newbie to the kink scene. We all have to start somewhere and if you’re honest with potential playmates about your experience and play is safe and consensual, there’s no harm done. What’s dangerous is posing as an experienced dominant when you aren’t one. Not everyone is honest about theirContinue reading “Fake Dominants”