Sexual Health Awards Finalist

Madam Mayhem is a finalist in the 2022 Sexual Health Awards, hosted by SH:24 and Brook. She is nominated in the category of: ‘Micro-Influencer of the Year’ Madam Mayhem is a 41-year-old woman on her sexual liberation journey. By sharing her experiences around dating, sex and kink, she’s disrupting the narrative that life ends forContinue reading “Sexual Health Awards Finalist”


Let’s get one thing clear…virginity is a social construct. You aren’t suddenly a different person once you’ve had sex for the first time and what constitutes ‘sex’ looks different for everyone, so how can it be measured? The idea of virginity is completely fictional and shouldn’t play any part in dictating someone’s sexual identity orContinue reading “Virginity”

Gender Stereotypes

Cis-gender stereotypes are so engrained in society that we experience them a hundred times a day and don’t even realise it. It starts with the gender reveal parties (which I’d love to eradicate) before we are even born. When we come into this world, there’s already an expectation of how we will look, dress, actContinue reading “Gender Stereotypes”


Catfishing has a few definitions, but I define it as a person lying about aspects of their life or who they are in order to manipulate someone and get what they want. This could be anything from a match, to a date or sex, to money (think The Tinder Swindler). I’ve had my fair shareContinue reading “Catfishing”

Being Bisexual

Attraction isn’t black and white and there’s a lot of delicious grey area between being straight or gay. We are slowly making a shift towards a more inclusive mindset, however it’s still common for people to want to define someone’s sexual preferences with a clear cut label. One of the most misunderstood of these isContinue reading “Being Bisexual”