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Here are my top toy and accessory recommendations…I’ve tried all of these toys on myself or a partner and love them all! Every person is different, so read my reviews and decide for yourself if you think they’ll work for you and your partner. By buying through the affiliate links on this page you are directly supporting my mayhem…thank you!

Toys for Penis Owners
Small Beginner Butt Plug

This is a great little plug if you are just starting on your butt play journey. It’s great value and the perfect size. It’s about the width of a slim finger and curves to hit the exact spot for maximum pleasure! Make sure to team it with a good water based lube (see below) and enhance your pleasure!

Blow Job Stroker

This is basically a really simple and economical option to buying a Fleshlight. Use with plenty of water based lube and take solo play up a notch with some new sensations. Also suitable for partner play and receiving a hand job with a twist…

Double Cock Ring

Using a cock ring keeps the blood trapped in your erect penis and enhances sensitivity during solo or partner play. It can also give you a little extra hardness if you struggle sometimes. This one gets your balls involved if your boys enjoy attention too. So simple and a good investment for added fun.

Cock Ring

The simple version of the double cock ring…this one is just for your penis. Use it on your erect penis to enhance sensitivity and hardness during solo or partner play.

Vibrating Masturbator

Perfect for both solo and partner play, this is a great little toy for enhancing a hand job. Has an open design so will fit any girth and the pressure is dictated by your own grip. Between the ribbed texture on the silicon and the vibrator functions, this toy is a great addition to any toy drawer, trust me!

P-spot Glass Butt Plug

When you’re ready to level up from the beginner butt plug, this is a great option. The curved shape to hit the P-spot and the delicious fun of temperature changing glass. So much fun!

CB-6000 Chastity Cock Cage

The most reputable and high rated brand of cock cage on the market. It comes with five different sized spaces to get the best fit and plastic ties for you to wear through airport security! The CB family of cages are ideal for 24/7 chastity as they are lightweight and easy clean.

Non-Gendered Toys
Lelo G-Spot/P-Spot Dildo

This is a basic, no bells and whistles analogue dildo. Has a lovely soft silicon feel and curved to hit the pleasure spot on both penis and vulva owners. Use during solo play or on your partner to mix things up a bit. Remember to use condoms on shared toys to avoid STIs. Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Double Ended Glass Dildo

I’m all about glass toys (I even wrote about them here). They are super hygienic, easy to clean, slide in nicely and can be heated or cooled for extra fun. This one can be used by anyone for P-spot or G-spot stimulation and provides a ‘fuller’ feeling than the Lelo with the thicker stem. This is my go-to for butt play on a partner…easy to control and feels great! You could also use this together…one end in each person with some mutual masturbation…delicious! Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Comet P-spot/G-spot dildo

This is another ‘analogue’ style G-spot/P-spot dildo and has quickly become one of my faves! Has a lovely soft silicon feel combined with glass handle. This toy is slightly longer and thicker than the two toys above with a more pronounced curve. This allows for even sturdier control and more intensity for the pleasure spot on both penis and vulva owners. Remember to use condoms on shared toys to avoid STIs. Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Honey Dripper Anal Slider Glass Dildo

The Honey Dripper is more of a precision point toy for specific stimulation of the P-spot (can also be used for G-spot stimulation). This is for people who prefer a slimmer shaft at the entry point without compromising on internal pleasure. This is more of your beginner level butt play toy, with the added fun of glass to heat or cool. Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Beginner P-spot/G-spot Vibrator

Tired of using just your finger or a plug and want to take things to the next level? This is a great little toy to use on your prostate…the perfect shape and angle and thin at the base so it’s comfortable once in. Added bonus…this can also be used as a G-spot vibrator too…great for couple play (always clean between uses and use condoms on shared silicone toys to avoid infections.

Beginner Pegging Strap on and 5.5″ Dildo

For your entry level pegging starter kit, you can’t go past this set. It has your basic harness with three interchangeable O rings so you can change dildo sizes. This is the beginner 5.5″ dildo and is slightly thicker than a finger…perfect for those just getting into pegging. I use this harness with all my dildos…it’s so versatile and keeps everything in place while thrusting. This little dildo also has a suction cup base for solo fun too…what more could you want?!

6.5″ Slimline Glass Dildo

When you are ready for a size upgrade, this is a good mid-level dildo. The curved shape hits the G-spot or P-spot so again, is a good option for anyone. Once again, the glass can be heated or cooled for extra sensation and this one is textured for a bit of additional fun. This one is good if you prefer a slimmer option and don’t like to be stretched out. Works in the harness above for pegging play.

Realistic 6″ Suction Cup Dildo

I’d say this is still a mid-level dildo option, but with more girth than the glass option. So if you prefer a fuller feeling, this one might be for you. Works in the pegging harness or has a suction cup base for solo play (think tiled wall in the shower…).

7″ Suction Cup Dildo

This dildo is great value, girthier than the realistic dildo and has a great curve for hitting the G or P spot. Also good for super deep penetration as it doesn’t have ‘balls’. Easily fits into the strop on harness for partner play.

Glass 7.5″ Curved Dildo

This beauty is quite large…not for the faint hearted! This is the biggest of my glass dildos and is great for butt play thanks to the material, but it isn’t overly well designed to stay in the strap on harness. I have used it but you have to be a bit careful with it.

Large Avant 7.5″ Suction Cup Dildo

Now we are starting to get into large territory. Definitely more suitable for people who love the fuller feeling of being stretched out, this one is girthy! Self & More have an extensive range of these Avant dildos…they are super soft and squishy so kinder on entry. Works in the harness but also has the suction cup base…another great all rounder for partner and solo play. 10% off with the code ‘madammayhem’ too.

Double Ended 7″ Vibrating Pegging Dildo
Pegging Briefs

We are officially at the business end of the pegging spectrum. This is a double ended strapless dildo…the smaller bulb end is inserted into a vagina for stability. I use it with these boy leg briefs for extra control. This is a good option to give both partners pleasure (the regular strap on harness doesn’t give any stimulation to the pegger). This also has a small bullet vibe that can be inserted into the base of the dildo to make both people buzz!

Remote App Controlled Wearable Vibrator

Want to have some discreet fun with a partner in public? This secret clit vibe is such good value at only £35! It’s comfortable, has a magnet to keep it in place in a vulva owner’s panties and can be paired and controlled via the Satisfyer app on your partner’s phone. So much fun for everyone!

Toys for Vulva Owners
Gaia Biodegradable Eco Bullet Vibe

This little bullet is pretty high over and comes in two sizes…this baby one and a slightly longer one. Perfect for clitoris stimulation during oral or PIV (penis in vagina) sex. Entry level price, very affordable and an extra 10% off when you use the code ‘madammayhem’!

Knude Society Gwen Vibrator

Another bullet type vibe, but with a softer silicon material and lovely curved shape, this one is a fave for me. A little more expensive but worth it…super quiet and has lower vibe settings for those who are a little more sensitive (like me!). This one is great for use on a clitoris during PIV sex…especially doggy. You also get 10% off when you use the code ‘madam mayhem’!

Womaniser Starlet Clitoral Suction Toy

Clitoral suction and air pressure toys are the latest in pleasure for vulva owners. This is a beginner level one and has four pressure levels to cater for those that prefer light sensation all the way up to those who like it stronger. It takes a bit of practice and a lot of lube to get a seal and perfect the technique. More of a solo play toy than for partner play I’d say. Give the give of orgasms?!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Air Pressure Stimulator

A more heavy duty versos of the baby Womaniser toy, this baby has 11 power modes. So if you’re a vulva owner who likes a powerful vibe, this one is for you! It also has a large handle so easy to hold and get just the right spot. Use with lots of lube to get the suction action happening. Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

So Divine Wild Thing Butt Plug

A larger butt plug option, this is for women looking for a ‘fuller feeling’ after a bit of experience with butt plugs. Made from soft silicon, it has interchangeable jewels so you can mix up the aesthetic! Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Glass Butt Plug

This style of butt plug is designed for vulva owners and in case I haven’t made it clear already, I adore glass toys. This is up there as one of my most used toys…the long stem means it can slide in and out without it falling out. As with all glass toys, plugs can be heated or cooled, they are super hygienic and easy to clean. This is a lovely entry level butt plug!

Satisfyer Sweet Treat Spinnator

How cute is this little spinning ice cream vibe? At the softer end of the spectrum, the ‘whipped’ fins on this little toy give such delicate and pointed stimulation…it can replicate the feeling of a flicking tongue. It can be angled and pressure adjusted to mix up the sensations…it’s quickly become a fave! A little on the noisy side though, so more for solo play than with a partner. Use the code ‘madammayhem’ for 10% off.

Lollipop Vibe

One for those wanting a bit of a novelty, these cute little lollypop vibes come in four colours (which one you will get is a surprise!) and are small but mighty. The vibes are pretty strong for a super small toy. Why not add a little light hearted fun to play time? They also come in a cute heart design pattern too!

Travel Lipstick Vibe

For discreet fun on the go, this is the perfect little travel vibe. Easily hidden in a handbag (very convincing as a lipstick!) and incredibly quiet…I’ll be carrying this one on me all the time now.

Bed Restraints

If you’re like me and can never remember how to tie knots properly, these velcro bed restraints are a good option. Quick and easy to use, it also means you don’t need to stop in the heat of the moment to spend ages tying someone up. My fave is to combine these with a blindfold for a good teasing session.


If you are more of a rigger/rope bunny purist, these ropes are a great option too. They come in a good length and three colour options. They don’t have the silky texture of some BDSM rope, so they stay in place once secure. Excellent value and a good staple for BDSM play.

Bondage Cuff Set

The set includes a collar and leash, wrist and ankle cuffs. They feel great on and look good too. Only thing to note is that these are designed for more petite people…rugby lads, these are not for you!

Over Door Restraints

A standing version of the bed restraints, these can add a new dimension to bedroom play if you are delving into rigger/rope bunny territory.

General Accessories

Lube is an essential part of any session with toys. Especially if you are getting into butt play…it’s not self lubricating. Most toys are silicon based, so you’ll need a water based lube to use with those. This one is safe to use with condoms and all your glass toys too!

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