Dating Tips

Did you know that 85%-90% of dating app users are men? That means that for every woman on dating apps, there are around nine men. With those odds, straight men need to stand out from the crowd to get a date! Want to get the best out of online dating but not sure how? Try Madam Mayhem’s downloadable dating tips or custom dating profile services…

General Dating Tips

No matter who you are or what you are seeking from online dating, these general dating tips and services will help you get more matches!

Cougar Dating Tips

So you’ve set your sights on hunting an older woman and you’re not sure where to start? These downloadable cougar dating tips and services will help you cater your online dating experience to appeal to cougars and stand out from the crowd!

Personalised Services

Really wanting to give yourself the best chance of success with cougars? Try Madam Mayhem’s personal assistance to revamp your online dating profiles and get more attention from older women.

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