Cougar Myths

I’ve been dating cubs long enough now to hear some wild misconceptions about cougars. I frequently get asked the same questions, so I thought I’d bust some cougar myths…

‘I thought finding a cougar would be easy’

We are a rare…the numbers are stacked against cubs looking for a cougar. Dating women in their twenties is easy…but most women my age are taken. There just aren’t many of us out there…so when you have a chance with a cougar, don’t blow it…it might be the only one you get! 

‘Do you have a friend for me?’ 

Firstly, asking this is hugely offensive…it implies you think we are just interchangeable sexual objects. Secondly, the short answer is no. The very few single friends I have my age don’t date younger (trust me, I’ve tried to convince them!). I have exactly three cougar friends and two are in the US. Cougars just don’t travel in packs so you’ll need to go hunting for one yourself.

‘Am I a cougar’s type?’

I can’t speak for other cougars, or any other woman for that matter. We are individuals with our own taste in men…we don’t all suddenly go for the same type of guy when we become cougars. We do however want cubs who are respectful, communicate well and aren’t flakey. But again, all women want that…it’s just that cougars have a much shorter attention span for time wasters.

‘It’s my fantasy to be with a cougar!’

That isn’t the compliment you think it is. Cougars don’t want to be treated like a tick off your sexual bucket list. We are real women with feelings. We have our own desires and aren’t just here for your pleasure. Think less about what a cougar can do for you and more about what you can do for her…you’ll get much further!

‘I thought all cougars would be kinky’

Just because a woman is older, doesn’t mean she’ll be kinky. Some cougars will enjoy vanilla sex, others will want you to call them ‘Mistress’. Chemistry isn’t a given, just because a woman is older. You have to communicate and work out if you want the same things, just like you would when dating anyone else.

The moral of the story? Not all cougars are created equal…don’t fall into the trap of believing these cougar myths. We are just single women who happen to be older and enjoy dating younger men. To give yourself the best chance of catching a cougar, be honest, respectful, communicate well and don’t waste our time…it’s that simple. I also have prompts and resources here to help grab a cougar’s attention when online dating. Go forth and start hunting!

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