Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

Anyone else hornier now the sun’s out and lockdown rules are lifting? I’m excited because it means I can indulge in one of my favourite kinks again…public play. From a cheeky hand up my skirt to a bj in a parked car, there’s something about the possibility of exposure that amplifies sex.

If you’re feeling brave and haven’t tried this kink, maybe it’s time? Public fun can be spontaneous but planning for it can be a turn on too…the anticipation adds to the experience.

If you are keen to take the leap, some locations to think about are:

• Public transport: Planes, trains and automobiles…basically any moving vehicle. Head to the bathroom or the backseats for all the concealed canoodling you can handle

• Parks: Local, smaller parks are too busy…avoid arrest and stick to larger parks so you can explore allllll the bushes in peace

• Public bathrooms: You’ve had a few drinks at the bar and feeling frisky…take things up a notch and sneak someone into a cubicle for extra fun

• The workplace: Not for the faint hearted and at the higher end of the risk spectrum. If you’re ok with possible unemployment and you have a willing colleague, may the odds be ever in your favour

• Stores, car parks, backyards, balconies, the beach…and basically any location your fantasies take you!

If you are planning public fun, some ways to be prepared are:

• Clothing: Think easy access and the ability to cover up for a quick escape. When it comes to underwear, less is more

• Protection: Public play may be risky in some ways but it should still be safe. Carry condoms with you so you’ll be good to go anytime

• Equipment: Depending on location and activity, you might need anything from a picnic blanket to tissues for clean up. Be ready so things aren’t too sticky!

• Weather: If you want to tackle outdoor public fun, it’s worth checking a freak storm won’t coming at the same time you plan to be

Public play is great fun but it may not always go to plan. As always, it helps to laugh if you get caught with your pants down. Oh and one last piece of advice…Keep an eye out for CCTV cameras…it’s all fun and games until someone’s ass goes viral on social media…

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