Vanilla is Valid Too

Vanilla is the term society gives to conventional, non-BSDM, non-kinky sex.

With the rise in easily accessible, free porn on the internet, people have more exposure to all kinds of kinks and fetishes…especially at a young age. So much so that ‘vanilla’ sex is now looked on as boring and negative.

I only started delving into kinky territory last year…up until then, most of my sexual experiences had been ‘vanilla’ by society’s standards. I’m not ashamed of this at all…I’m actually so grateful to have had 20 years of wholesome, sensual, connected vanilla sex as a safe platform to explore my kinkier side from. No regrets!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla…it’s just as valid as any other kink. I would argue that great vanilla sex is far better than average kinky sex! Just like we all enjoy different food, everyone enjoys different things when it comes to sex…no one should be shamed or judged for enjoying the vanilla side of the menu.

Vanilla sex allows us to learn the fundamental basics of giving and receiving pleasure…the rest can grow from there. Before you default to kinky next time you play, why not spend some time indulging in the delicious offerings on the vanilla menu?:

  • Kissing
  • Eye contact
  • Foreplay…touch, teasing, taking your time
  • Oral

Once you’ve got these basic vanilla skills down, you’ll have a great foundation to expand into other territory.

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