It’s easy to fall into the same routine with solo and partner play…you have a formula and it gets the job done, right? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! But sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your regular patterns and mix things up…and edging is a great way to do that.

Edging is the practice of bringing yourself (or someone else) to the ‘edge’ of an orgasm, but stopping before the final event. You can edge over and over for as long as you want and the build up can make for more intense orgasms if and when they happen.

There are various methods of edging:

  • Timing: Play for certain lengths of time with rests between (good to break up the day when you are working from home!)
  • Number: Bring yourself to the brink for a set number of times during playtime (I’ve had submissives edge for as many times as possible in a 2-5 minute period)
  • Intensity: Vary the intensity of play…using a scale of 1-10, mix up how powerfully you play. Try playing at a 5 for a while, then amp it up to a 9, then back down again…fluctuating the tempo adds to the excitement

In addition to using the above, you can add other elements to take things to the next level:

While edging is a great way to enhance solo play, it can be used as part of partner play too. How it can be incorporated:

  • Distance: Edging is a fun way to play with each other at a distance. It can be done through verbal instruction or even app controlled toys
  • Mutual masturbation: Teasing each other and giving instruction to someone while in the same room can be incredibly hot (watching someone edge themselves is a personal fave of mine!)
  • Kink: Edging can be integrated into D/s play with someone, alongside orgasm denial, orgasm torture, caging and ruined orgasms

Edging is for anyone and can add so much more interest and fun to your sex life…it’s versatile and can be done over hours or even days, on your own or with partners. It brings a whole other dimension to play time and can help you be present with pleasure in the moment, rather than focusing on the end goal. Have you tried edging…what do you enjoy about it?

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