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Did you know that 85% of users on most dating apps are men? On Tinder it’s 90%. That means for every woman on Tinder, there are nine men. So if you’re a straight man, you’re starting at a disadvantage. It’s not the end of the world, it just means that if you want more matches, you need to make some changes to your swiping habits. 

Regardless of whether you are a man in your twenties looking for a one-night stand, a woman in your fifties looking for a poly relationship or a non-binary person seeking a friend with benefits…the same principles apply for everyone. People will moan that online dating is awful, but if you put more effort into it, you are likely to get much greater rewards from the process. Here are some things that help someone want to swipe right on you:

  • Good, clear, recent face photos: Ditch the sunglasses, group shots, masks and filters
  • A verified profile: Safety is paramount and worrying you’re at catfish might make someone pass on you
  • A decent bio: ‘Just ask’ doesn’t cut it…you need to show effort and be unique. Trust me, we’ve seen ‘pineapple on pizza?’ a thousand times
  • Clear intentions: State what you are looking for (one-night stand, friend with benefits, something more serious). It’s a huge time saver for everyone!

These are some of the things to avoid that really turn people off swiping right:

  • Bad photos: Photos with dead fish, kids and exes are a big no no
  • A negative bio: ‘no psychos’, ‘don’t match and not speak’ and similar statements only do you harm. Keep it light and positive
  • Being overly sexual: Putting your dick size, saying you’re a dom or ‘sit on my face’ could all stop you getting that right swipe

Whether you’re looking for a hook up or a relationship, you’ll stand out more if you make these changes to your online dating profiles. It goes beyond your profile to your swiping and chat habits too:

  • Use super likes wisely: They do get attention, so stand out when you really want to!
  • Be respectful: If you get a match, be polite…the effort shouldn’t stop once you get the match
  • Be consistent: check the apps often and don’t air a match for days at a time…keep the conversation flowing

Effort is the biggest indicator of interest…to get the most from online dating, you have to engage and put in the time. Getting your profile looking it’s best will help you stand out from the crowd. If you want all my online dating profile tips (including my secret dating rule book, shh!), click here.

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